Rest at Home – Parfum 3


Extract de Parfum
Top: white iris, bergamot, pink peppercorn, juniper berries, ginger.
Heart: iris, magnolia, amber, leather.
Base: cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, tonka beans.

4% Natural Pheromone Booster™

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Behind the fresh green, pulsating lightly peppered spice hides a radiant powdery iris. This becomes soft, softer and softest, gradually turning into leather and then tending towards suede. Then comes an Eastern streak through the smouldering sandalwood and sensual tonka beans, carried by a powerful yet elegant woody nuance.

4% Natural Pheromone Booster™:combination of Indian flowers and Asian teas that are usually used in medicine. When they touch the skin, this secret natural mix increases the production of the body’s natural pheromones, by up to 260%! Pheromones – also called ‘the scent of seduction’ – are substances we produce that make us more attractive to others. And who could object to giving nature a helping hand.

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