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This amazing discovery set includes:


  • All 5 perfumes (read below full description)
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The FUGAZZI perfumes are gender neutral, but that is the only neutral element about these mysterious, titillating tempters. First let’s explain the name: FUGAZZI. It stimulates curiosity, just like the fragrance itself. FUGAZZI is something that does not exist, but it’s there. It is invisible to the human eye, but it’s there. It’s hard to understand, but it’s there. No one acknowledges it, but it’s there. The packaging – just as dark and mysterious as the perfume itself – states the following: “FUGAZZI needs no words, FUGAZZI is pure seduction”.


FUGAZZI perfumes consist of 25% perfume oil thereby containing more than enough to be qualified as a ‘perfume’ (20 to 30% perfume oil). But the real power is in the exclusive combination of Indian flowers and Asian teas that are usually used in medicine. When they touch the skin, this secret natural mix increases the production of the body’s natural pheromones, by up to 260%! Pheromones – also called ‘the scent of seduction’ – are substances we produce that make us more attractive to others. And who could object to giving nature a helping hand?? FEEL FUGAZZI!


This set includes:


The fresh and sweet top notes with a slight woody undertone grab the attention immediately. Artemisia from the Atlas Mountains, Asiatic spearmint, red fruit, Petitgrain Paraguay, Italian mandarin, cardamom and nutmeg create an unforgettable meeting. Pure titillation.

The heart transforms into a veritable mystery. A light tone of olibanum from the barren mountain regions of Northeast India, pink peppercorn, Indian davana, oakmoss from Bosnia, Egyptian cypriol, clove from Madagascar and labdanum from Spain culminate in a hot and fiery interlude.

Numerous woods such as Sandalwood, guaiacwood from Paraguay and cedarwood from Virginia give the fragrance body and character. The patchouli and vetiver from Java continue to seduce in the dark, earthy, musky base.


PARFUM 2 proves that the fetish ingredient of today – oudh – can also resonate in a fragrance without being overwhelming. It’s as if it floats around affably on waves of flowers and fresh green notes. And yet the warm woody sensual base guarantees you experience all the mystery of oudh.
Top: bergamot, aquatic notes.
Heart: jasmine, floral, clover, incense.
Base: oudh, leather, musk, moss, vetiver, sandalwood.
Top notes: Fresh Citrus, Blackcurrant, spearmint, mandarin
Heart notes: Davana, Oliban, Orangeblossom, pink peppers
Base notes: Patchouli, Musks, Sandalwood, Cederwood


Behind the fresh green, pulsating lightly peppered spice hides a radiant powdery iris. This becomes soft, softer and softest, gradually turning into leather and then tending towards suede. Then comes an Eastern streak through the smouldering sandalwood and sensual tonka beans, carried by a powerful yet elegant woody nuance.
Top: white iris, bergamot, pink peppercorn, juniper berries, ginger.
Heart: iris, magnolia, amber, leather.
Base: cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, tonka beans.


Behind the spring bouquet you instantly smell the protagonist: a powerful injection of burnt coffee, with accents that float
between almond and hazelnut. In the drydown, the coffee is submerged in an amber/vanilla mix that provides a light gourmand effect, lit up by white musk.
Top: floral notes.
Heart: coffee, Bulgarian rose. Base: amber, vanilla, white musk.


An explosion of green – apple, galbanum, bamboo, bluebells – announces a serene opulence. This is driven by fig, encircled in a wreath of jasmine, rose and neroli. An impeccable summery fragrance with a light sensual base of cedar, amber and musk.
Top: apple, galbanum, bamboo, bluebell. Heart: fig, jasmine, rose, neroli.
Base: cedar, amber, musk.

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