In love with the cocos


Top: Bergamot, Lemon zest
Heart: Coconut water, orangeblossom, Geranium, Rose
Base: Amber, Musk, Ambrette

4% Natural Pheromone Booster™

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Whenever in need for warmth when the sun has disappeared, In Love With Coco brings back what you’re longing for. A sunny, beach like feeling in an exotic setting. Close your eyes and enjoy this perfect blend of fresh and fiery notes. After a ray of zesty bergamot and lemon drops, you will explore a rich, sensual-flowery heart of coconut water, orange blossom, rose and geranium, that in the end will become ever so gently with subtle layers of amber, musk and ambrette. Light and tender on the skin and with a long lasting tenacity. In Love With Coco might become addictive just like a party drug.


4% Natural Pheromone Booster™:combination of Indian flowers and Asian teas that are usually used in medicine. When they touch the skin, this secret natural mix increases the production of the body’s natural pheromones, by up to 260%! Pheromones – also called ‘the scent of seduction’ – are substances we produce that make us more attractive to others. And who could object to giving nature a helping hand.


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