Santa Monica


Santa Monica is special in several ways. It is a co-creation of Bram Niessink and Monica Geuze.

The fragrance perfectly captures the relaxed and cosmopolitan lifestyle of the bustling coastal town. Bram: ‘The sun always shines, people surf, people rollerblade, people do their workout – it’s super relaxed and super luxurious; you immediately get a good feeling.’ Luxurious, vintage & sun bottled!

The sun rises with a burst of sweet-fruity tangerine (from California!) combined with the ingredient that always kicks off fragrances: ‘smashing’ orange blossom mixed with fresh-floral neroli. The day gradually gains sultry, without losing its freshness, with a subtle blend of white tea and white amber. The finish – the sun has almost disappeared behind the horizon – is like reminiscing about a nice summer day at the beach: unctuous notes of patchouli and tonka bean layered with powdery musk – as if the warm sand of the beach is sliding through your fingers.

Contents: 50 ml

Smell layers

Top notes: 

California Mandarin / Bergamot / Orangeblossom

Mid notes: 

Neroli / White Tea / White Amber

Base notes: 

Patchouli / Tonka / Sandy Musk

Santa Monica





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