Sugardaddy - 8ML

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If the mood of a beachfront golden hour could ever be captured, it would drown itself in sugar daddy. Tangerine dances with Bergamot in this Cashmere, Jasmin and Patchouli based potion. Strong enough to seduce any spirit that dares to cross your path. Made especially for the 1% who see the world as their oyster.

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Top notes:
Tangerine / Bergamot
Mid notes:
Black Currant / Nutmeg / Clove / Jasmine
Base notes:
White Ambergris / Moss / Cashmere / Patchouli

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The Sugardaddy - 8ML Ingredients

Meet Fugazzi Sugardaddy

“Let’s be honest, half of Hollywood has smelled rolled up
money from up close, but this was something different. This
smelled like success. Everything about them was attractive
and I could recognize all the tateful brands. The bags, the
cars, the watch, but that scent? Why am I only discovering
this today? Where have you been all my life?”

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"When it comes to good memories regarding @fugazzifragrances; my colleagues and clientswould always know I was on the work floor because of the Fugazzi scent I left behindeverywhere I went"


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"It’s super delicious"


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"I have many many memories wearing Parfum1, but the one that sticks out the most is withmy girlfriend. When I met her, I wore that fragrance, so whenever I smell it, it takes me back.That’s why I keep 2 of them always"

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